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Oddity Twisted Office Tower F&F Panama City

When many people think of Panama City, images of a sleepy third world city with adobe structures and outhouses seems to be the dominant opinion but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For decades now Panama City has been transforming into a modern and cosmopolitan city, and this building stands as a symbol to […]

Virgin Captures Clouds Over Oz

This spectacular and beautiful cloud formation was spotted in the skies above Australia by a passenger on an aeroplane.  Ilya Katsman, 22, saw the phenomenon on a Virgin Australia flight from Perth to Adelaide.A spokesperson from the Met office explained to The Telegraph that the cloud is of a type commonly seen in Australian skies, […]

Mashed Potato and Gravy Machine in Singapore

7-11 is a beacon of familiarity to travelers abroad, especially in countries where the native population speaks little English. Don’t be fooled however, these outlets are rarely like the comfort stations of home.  They range in size from tiny pocket stores barely as big as a walk in closet on up but skewing to smaller […]

Flip Flop Vending Machine Legian Bali Indonesia

Unlike my expectations of Bali, where I had hoped to see a pristine tropical paradise in all its palm tree and palapa splendor, I found downtown Denpasar with crowded taxi and traffic choked streets and lots of people.  Denpasar is ranked the world’s fourth worst place to drive, (http://indosurflife.com/2016/09/denpasar-bali-ranks-four-worlds-worst-cities-driving/) Who knew? So, it’s not surprising […]

Penis Envy Everywhere in Bali

Any trip to Bali has to include shopping. There are storefronts and open air markets up and down the streets of Legian near Kuta Beach and Ubud as well as most tourist areas. Clothing abounds and prices can be very cheap, though we advise you to go deeply into the markets to the stalls in […]

Painted Benches in Santiago Chile

I’ve been to Santiago, Chile three times and must say of all the places I have visited in my travels, I think I could be happy living there. A big city with a lot of different neighborhoods, I like most expats, gravitate to the most modern and Western part called Las Condes (or El Golf). […]

Crowd-Sourced Trashcan Art Mystic Connecticut

Exemplifying the spirit of recycling and showing a huge serving of whimsey, visitors to Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut found a novel way to dispose of the stickers the amusement used as entry tickets.  Not content with wadding them up into a ball and tossing them in the trash, or worse yet, throwing them on […]

Tiny Tango Electric Car San Diego California

The San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park packs a lot of fun into a very small space.  Nothing fancy, and certainly not over sized car fans should be able to find at least one vehicle to rev their engines or at least give them a smile.  During my visit the museum was featuring cars […]