Flip Flop Vending Machine Legian Bali Indonesia

Unlike my expectations of Bali, where I had hoped to see a pristine tropical paradise in all its palm tree and palapa splendor, I found downtown Denpasar with crowded taxi and traffic choked streets and lots of people.  Denpasar is ranked the world’s fourth worst place to drive, (http://indosurflife.com/2016/09/denpasar-bali-ranks-four-worlds-worst-cities-driving/) Who knew? So, it’s not surprising […]

Penis Envy Everywhere in Bali

Any trip to Bali has to include shopping. There are storefronts and open air markets up and down the streets of Legian near Kuta Beach and Ubud as well as most tourist areas. Clothing abounds and prices can be very cheap, though we advise you to go deeply into the markets to the stalls in […]