Crowd-Sourced Trashcan Art Mystic Connecticut

Exemplifying the spirit of recycling and showing a huge serving of whimsey, visitors to Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut found a novel way to dispose of the stickers the amusement used as entry tickets.  Not content with wadding them up into a ball and tossing them in the trash, or worse yet, throwing them on the ground, innovative guests repurposed their stickers into a collective artpiece.

More worthy for display in a museum than many pieces I’ve seen featured as “artwork”, I present the crowdsourced object d’arte I’ve named “Stickered Trashcan”. This is the kind of Americana that can surprisingly end up in a place like the Smithsonian as an example of American genius and culture. It was a long time ago when I saw this. Does anyone know if the practiced continues?

Crowd-Sourced Trashcan Art Mystic Connecticut
Visited: 10/24/2009
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