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Welcome to the Flamboyance*

Join the flamboyance, the architects and denizens of the  Gad About Lounge, where we hope you will enjoy our  “travel intelligence with attitude” and decide join our flock.

“Gad About – to visit or to travel to a lot of different places enjoying yourself and not worrying about other things you should be doing.” -Cambridge Dictionary

Even after having traveled to 30 countries and every state in the United States, our wanderlust still has not abated. Join us as we add ever more dots to our world map of places visited, restaurants, adventures and hotels reviewed and recipes for libations from around the world.  Over time we plan to introduce more features such as interesting maps, hacks and travel offers and deals.  Sit back, relax, share your stories, trial & tribulations, tips and a few cocktails as we build a community and share experiences of a lifetime.

* What is a Flamboyance???

While not particularly well known except in trivia circles, along with the words flock and regiment flamboyance is a term used to describe a gathering or group of flamingos. Other terms include stand, colony or regiment. So whats with the flamingo logo, flamingo photos and other assorted flamingo references?

Well, I think flamingos are kind of a metaphor for how I’d like to see myself. One of those  gregarious, unpredictable, colorful, funny, awkward yet endearing creatures that make people smile. I’ve therefore decided to adopt my very own flamingo persona – Flamboyance Gad About.  Come, put on your own flamingo persona. Sign up to become a contributor (maybe choosing your own flamingo/gad about themed user name) and join the flamboyance!

Wishing Bons Voyages to us all!

Flamboyance Gad About

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P.S. While this adventure is primarily a work of heartfelt delight, we still need to pay the bills so, we appreciate when you use the links on these pages to book hotels, flights, excursions, language lessons as your purchases financially support of our efforts. Donations and patronage are also most welcome.