Painted Benches in Santiago Chile

I’ve been to Santiago, Chile three times and must say of all the places I have visited in my travels, I think I could be happy living there. A big city with a lot of different neighborhoods, I like most expats, gravitate to the most modern and Western part called Las Condes (or El Golf). So similar in fact is this upscale part of the city to the United States, it is sometimes referred to as “Sanhattan” (Santiago + Manhattan).

While subject of a future article, in this post I just wish to highlight the delightful eyecandy afforded by many of the public benches scattered throughout the El Golf neighborhood. These photos were taken in 2013 and in subsequent visits they seem to have become much more shabby. At their peak, they added a lovely visual element to this part of the city that I hope will be upgaded and maintained. See how easy it can be to beautify urban spaces?

Oddity: Painted Benches Santiago Chile
Visited: April 4, 2013
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