Mashed Potato and Gravy Machine in Singapore

7-11 is a beacon of familiarity to travelers abroad, especially in countries where the native population speaks little English. Don’t be fooled however, these outlets are rarely like the comfort stations of home.  They range in size from tiny pocket stores barely as big as a walk in closet on up but skewing to smaller square footage than in North America.  Stocked almost entirely of regional products there will little you might recognize and likely all labling will be without any English at all.  Some will be very gobsmacked to find out ( we certainly were) that many do not even sell coffee, the mainstay and a huge profit center here in the US.

But fear not, Singapore has incorporated a product any American should feel perfectly at home with, the self serve mashed potato and gravy machine.  We were unable to see it in operation in person because our 7-11s machine was out of service but you could tell by the completely worn out “start” button” that this was a much beloved item in the store and was likely simply worn out from all the attention happy customers were giving it. So, when will these be coming to the US?

Mashed potato and gravy machine in 7-11 in Singapore
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