Flip Flop Vending Machine Legian Bali Indonesia

UnFlip Flop Vending Machine Legian Bali Indonesialike my expectations of Bali, where I had hoped to see a pristine tropical paradise in all its palm tree and palapa splendor, I found downtown Denpasar with crowded taxi and traffic choked streets and lots of people.  Denpasar is ranked the world’s fourth worst place to drive, (http://indosurflife.com/2016/09/denpasar-bali-ranks-four-worlds-worst-cities-driving/) Who knew?

So, it’s not surprising that we found walking to be a faster way to get around especially in the poular tourist area of Legian near Kuta Beach where we stayed.  A short walk up the street and we were greeted by a modern shopping mall completely filled with entirely respectable retail stores. not just market stalls.  High end shops punctuated other more far flung areas and quiet back alleys, quite a mixed bag of old and new, modern and traditional.

In all my travels however, I have never seen in all the 50 states of the US or the 30 foreign countries I’ve visited is the marvel that is the flip flop vending machine from Bali. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and maybe they’re all over and I just don’t travel in the right circles (is it an Aussie thing maybe?) but I was capitvated and hope you’ll think it’s something special too!

Flip Flop Vending Machine Legian Bali Indonesia
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