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Review Zoetry Agua Punta Cana Pool Bar ViewI would describe my experience at Zoetry Agua in Uvero Alta area of Punta Cana as one of the best I have enjoyed in  many years of travel. Any review of the all-inclusive Zoetry Agua, listed as Trip Advisors #1 choice in Punta Cana, has to include the approximately 45 minute ride from the airport which can be unsettling depending upon your mode of transportation.  Most arrive in 45 minutes over land but transfer by helicopter, also an option, is significantly less time and free of the frequent road accidents encountered via limo/van/shuttle service.

Once located on a dirt road Zoetry Aqua is less remote than it once was but it still maintains its exclusive air. The raisin d’etre of the Zoetry brand is calm, relaxation and wellness. With spa new age-y music piped through outdoor speakers and curious cocoon like path lighting it can seem a bit otherworldly. The Palapa roofed two and three story building with a Polynesian/jungle fusion decor enhances the sense of serenity along with the swim up rooms and beautiful pools.

Our room #168 was a surprise upgrade to an ocean front suite in one of the older buildings on property. It was very roomy and  included a king sized bed, small table with two chairs with a welcome bottle of rum, a lanai with tables, chairs and setee, small concrete private pool outdoors with reclining loungers. Inside we had a  shower/soaking tub combination, dual sinks walk in closet and private WC,

OZoetry Aqua Ocean Front Junior Suiteur visit was brief, a mere two nights, but unless you thrive on complete relaxation a week here might be difficult for type A personalities.  Bring some books, dvds, or friends if you need more activity than the single billards table available.  Two of the three bars are closed by 6 pm and 3 of the 4 restaurants by 10:30 though in-room room service is available 24hours and the Amaya restaurant served simple fare food all night.

Evening entertainment in the lobby bar area was simple and brief.  The complimentary 20 minute massage was delightful as was the hydrotherapy pool but we did not avail ourselves of the complimentary horseback riding on the beach activity due to limited time. A wide range of spa services were available for a significant extra charge. A short list of daily activities, like yoga on the beach, was available but the main activity was eating, drinking and soaking in the environs including a beautiful beach.

The food was of better flavor and texture than we experienced earlier in the week at the Secrets Royal Beach also in Punta Cana. Both dinners we had were the quality of a top restaurant with breakfast and lunch offerings close behind but not quite as exceptional. Top shelf liquor was included but was worth specifying when ordering cocktails lest a local brand be used otherwise. Decent quality house wines from Chile were served with dinner while superior wines were a chargeable item if your taste demands the best.

The service was top notch but the experience suffered by the limited language skills of many staff members. While many tried very hard to be helpful communication was frequently more difficult than it feels like it should have been. We had a personal butler who spoke excellent English but he was not omnipresent. Though available by phone we struggled to figure out how to make use of his services on such a short visit.

Tipping always presents an awkward situation at all-inclusives where gratuities are allegedly included. It was clear when our two bellman lingered, that only a tip was going to get them out of our room but it honestly left us significantly less enthralled  considering the very expensive nature of this resort. While multiple blogs and  websites strongly recommend a range of tipping suggestions from  to none at all to tipping everyone generously, the guest is ultimately left to their own devices on the matter leaving guilt to likely result in frequent distribution of 1 and 5 dollar bills.

Overall our experience was very positive and we would unreservedly recommend Zoetry Agua to friends and family. It is the number one resort in Punta Cana for a reason but it is not perfect and it is pricey especially at peak times and in the preferred oceanfront units though deals can be had out of season and if your schedule is flexible.

It should be noted that Zoetry’s parent company, AM Resorts offers, a membership program under the name Unlimited Vacation Club, that affords members discounts on room rates, spa services, transportation as well as other benefits. You will likely be approached to partake in a sales presentation during your stay. It is not a timeshare offering, but a membership similar to a Direct Buy or a Costco where you pay in advance for the privilege of receiving discounts on future visits to member hotels as well as other benefits. It is not a good fit for everyone but many enjoy it. Feel free to contact us with questions about this program BEFORE you consider joining as contracts can be difficult and expensive to break. Before planning your trip would be ideal.

We will be writing more about the Unlimited Vacation Club program at a later time and we will link to it from this page in the future.

Review Zoetry Agua All Inclusive Resort Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Visited: March 15 – 17, 2017

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