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Afternoon teas is a necessity we embrace whenever we can during our travels and a trip to Singapore was no exception.  Finding shopping malls a bore in general, especially since most upscale brands are global and can be found in any developed country, it’s the unique extras that engage us when visiting these temples to consumerism.  While reveling in the air conditioning of the massive Marina Bay Sands development we were delighted to find the designers had managed to add more than a little whimsy to their architectural behemouth.  Indoors you will find a kind of a tiled “river” or canal of sorts on which guests can glide a short distance on small sampans under the human power. Reminiscent of a mini gondola ride in Venice, we heard it lasts less than 20 minutes.

We opted for a leisurely afternoon at TWG Tea on the Bridge located directly above the “canal” wherein the boaters actually glided beneath our elevated open air dining platform.  Fortunately our timing was good and we were seated right away. From our perch we could easily people watch as boaters approached our table and shoppers on hurried beside and above our dining space.

We spent a lovely hour or so tasting teas recommended by the server and nibbling scones, chocolate muffins and a tea sandwich on crust-less bread.  While additional details of this particular outing have faded from memory a mite, our overall impression was that of a very enjoyable and relaxing experience we would repeat should we ever return to Singapore.

TWG Tea on the Bridge at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Visited: 6/20/2014
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