Review The Snook Inn Marco Island Florida

We first heard about the Snook Inn when the sales clerk at the local liquor store suggested we might like to visit the Snook for  their well priced happy hour. In spite of our robust purchase we were pretty sure he meant no insult when he gave us a business card for a cab service while explaining that they offer free taxi rides on the island.  After taking the card, curiosity got the best of us and we made a trial run to the Snook to verify its location and  menus and check out the ambiance.

If you’re a Ritz Carlton kind of person you may want to skip that free cab ride but we decided to give the butler a day off and returned to the Snook for a late afternoon meal a few days later.but  The décor was tiki/chickee tacky but given a mai tai or too I can fit into that kind of a crowd without anyone being the wiser.  We got a great table,  if an aluminum picnic table can ever be considered great,  right up front overlooking the water with a 180 degree view which was fabulous.  The late afternoon sun left part of the table unprotected by shade so we did have to shimmy along the bench throughout the meal to stay covered as the umbrella was surprisingly not adjustable.

As for the entertainment, the musical skills were ok but there’s no other way to say it, the singer was just awful.  Figured he must be a relative because his name was obviously permanently affixed to his podium. Maybe it was his knack of simply singing any note when his voice couldn’t hit the proper one, that compelled the ownership to give him the job, but we didn’t ask.

The food we ordered thankfully, was much better than the entertainment. I ordered fresh caught red snapper broiled that was simply delicious.  My partner ordered fish tacos made with the same red snapper that had easily twice the amount of delicious fish as I got, at the same price.  The signature margarita was also quite tasty.  On balance we’d be likely to go back so I’d say definitely go for the fresh fish and waterfront venue but you may want to bring a spare seat cushion and a pair of earplugs just in case you get the same table and entertainer we did.

Review:The Snook Inn, Marco Island Florida
Visited: 12/1/2016
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  • Waterfront
  • Fresh Fish


  • Metal Picnic Table
  • Singer

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