Review Sweet Mama’s Good Kitchen Northport New York

Sunday Brunch, once a family favorite, isn’t as much fun and is more akin to a “guilty pleasure” now that everyone’s trying to “eat healthy”.  Nevertheless, we aren’t all perfect and “falling off the wagon”‘ the time honored American tradition, was on full display during a recent visit to Sweet Mama’s a family restaurant in Northport, New York.  The parking lot was completely full and the side street lined with cars when we arrived but mercifully we were able to be seated right away in spite of the modest size of the place.

Coffee ordered and menus in hand it was 10am on a holiday Monday so breakfast was more in line than lunch. The prices seemed a little steep at $14.99 for the “Little Mama” order of 2 eggs, 2 silver dollar pancakes, home fries, toast and bacon but when the food arrived we were more than a little surprised.  We were all taken aback by the “carbopaloozas” that were placed in front of us! The plates were overflowing with enough carbohydrates to last a lifetime. As I reached for a bite of buttered toast, my conscience stepped in and directed me to at least make a token gesture of eating protein before indulging in the rest of the meal, which was a “supersized” portion by anyone’s (maybe not Michael Moore’s) estimation. Silver dollar pancake were the size of saucers and instead of the stated two eggs, both orders came with 3! Bacon was a normal portion as were the home fries which were deliciously prepared with just the right amount of onions. An order of French Toast was equally “generously” portioned.

Needless to say, EVERYONE brought home leftovers and though we are still waiting for our pancreases to recover to ingest the rest of the carbs sitting in the refrigerator, suffice it to say we could see why the prices appeared to be a bit steep for the meal.  The food was tasty, served quickly and hot and the server was a delight. For the most part it was a pleasurable experience but I honestly would have preferred smaller, less expensive servings as the take home will likely go un eaten.

By the time we left the lobby was overflowing with people queued for tables.  I enjoyed the food enough to return for either lunch or dinner and I am curious to see if portioning remains the same.

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  • Portion size
  • Ample parking


  • Portion size
  • Long wait peak breakfast time

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