Review Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria Florida

On our first visit to Longboat Key, we had already dined at the our host family’s favorite restaurants and we were looking something different to try. Craving seafood we made a reservation for our first experience at the Sign of the Mermaid. Even though we arrived on time, we ended up waiting about 25 minutes to be seated.  The tempers of the males in our party were flaring but it was obvious that they were down one server and had no dedicated hostess on Sunday. The entire staff looked frazzled and tense. I was feeling anxious and more than a little guilty since I had suggested the place.

Once we finally got seated, and cocktails were served, everyone got a bit calmer. To net it out, the food was FABULOUS. The stuffed soft shell crab was swimming in stuffing – a huge portion and delish. Everyone was extremely satisfied with their meal and portions were very generous so we had plenty of leftovers to bring home. The great food more than made up for what was clearly simply a bad night staffing wise. In such a small place, one server not showing up and not covering their shift can have a huge impact – shame on on the employee that jammed up their coworkers.

We certainly won’t let one employee’s bad judgement stop us from returning and enjoying a scrumptious meal in the future!

Sign of the Mermaid Anna Maria Island Florida
Visited: March 19, 2016
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