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When I stayed at the Eco Hotel in Talca Chile in January of 2015 it was one of the very first new modern “high rise” hotels that had started to pop up in the Avenida Bernardo Higgins area of Talca. Sitting on the south side  facing the park, it stood in contrast to the ruins of former adobe buildings that had fallen victim to earthquakes a few years earlier. The clean modern design of the building could have been found anywhere. Any semblance of regional architecture had given way to modern lines materials and overall design.
As in most places outside of Santiago, it was difficult to find people who spoke English well and I struggled through the checkin process in pidgeon Spanish with a lovely front desk clerk.  Parking, always in short supply in Talca, was available for my large 4 wheel drive Mahindra SUV at no charge in a private lot across the side street.  Smaller cars could park beneath the building.
The room was clean and compact but lacked warmth due in large part to its design esthetic.  My window faced the east and allowed for plenty of sunshine.  Breakfast, which is typically included in the room rate was passable. Meats, cheeses and garish oversweet desserts are typical offerings in the hotels I have stayed in in Chile. Talca caters more towards local and regional visitors than an international clientel.
While the Eco Hotel was serviceable at $105 USD per night I felt it was too expensive given some of the other options in the area  During this trip to Talca Chile, I sampled 5 different locations just to be better able to give a rounded assessment.

Eco Hotel Talca Chile
Visited: 1/26/2015 – 1/28/2015
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