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travel review Stell Bordestero talca chileTucked away in a residential area several blocks west of the Plaza de Armas in downtown Talca B & B Stella Bordestero was a bit hard to find.  It was hidden away behind a huge electric metal gate that I was a bit intimidated about approaching.

My poor command of Spanish made it difficult to communicate with the housekeeper/caretaker and only after the manager arrived was I comfortable that all plans were in place and understood.  The facility was a sort of compound comprised of a small one story building and  individual bungalows housing one or two apartment/rooms. In the center of the building was a small swimming pool big enough for taking a dip or for children to splash around but swimming laps was not in the cards.  There was greenspace and were gardens woven around the walkways and building beyond the parking lot which gave a nice country rather than urban feel to the place.

The room was simple and tidy but more like indoor camping than an upscale hotel experience. Two beds were in the room which would have been great had I had a traveling companion.  A small kitchenette with refrigerator and a few dishes made it possible to bring in food, but concerns about possible insects made the prospect unappealing.  The bathroom was ok but I never had any hot water for my shower during my visit.  This was totally unacceptable in my opinion, but apparently not uncommon though I never got answer as to why!
A small “common room” was located in another building but I did not remain on premises long enough to spend any time there.  The B&B compound was actually located next to and above a rather large stream.  Fencing and decking overseeing the stream was in disrepair (and I felt unsafe) and the stream was more littered than scenic but given some attention, it could have been a nice adjunct to the ambiance of the place.

The complimentary breakfast was served in a separate building. It was simple and to my mind inadequate but it was edible and other more local travelers seemed quite content with the limited offerings.  While I was not crazy about the neighborhood the hotel was in, it was easy walking distance to the Talca Plaza with plenty of ATMs and commercial activity.The B & B Stella Bordestero was the least expensive hotel I stayed in Talca at a mere $47 USD per night so if you are on a budget, it’s worth considering, but if you can afford a bit more I would recommend The Hotel Stella in town owned by the same people (at the time of my visit but was going to be put up for sale)

Review: B & B Stella Bordestero
Visited:January 28, 2015 – January 30, 2015
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