Review Ritz Carlton Club Lake Tahoe Truckee California

Review Ritz Carlton Club Lake Tahoe I usually manage to travel in relatively comfortable  style (occasionally very frugally) but rarely spend the extra dollars needed to have a true “luxury experience.” This year I decided do something different with two young adult children no longer living under the family roof. I planned a trip to […]

Nautical Floats Lobby Décor Lodge at Tiburon

Review The Lodge at Tiburon, California

Review The Lodge at Tiburon, Marin County, California It was a spur of the moment decision to book a room in the Lodge at Tiburon in Tiburon California. After spending our first two evenings in San Francisco and a second two nights in Oakland, we were looking for a change of venue more accessible to Sausalito and […]

Princeton Marriott Forrestal Lobby

Review Princeton Marriott at Forrestal

Review Princeton Marriott at Forrestal Its not a tourist destination by any means but I’ve managed to find myself in the Princeton area on two occasions within months of one another and enjoyed staying at this unique property both times. Tucked away among trees in a commercial area, it caters to the business crowd typically […]

Marriott Ocean Pointe Pool Bar Nautical Looking Roof Interior

Review Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Singer Island Florida

Review Marriott Ocean Pointe Resort Singer Island Florida Marriott’s Ocean Pointe Resort is an oceanfront timeshare property located 30 minutes by rental car from West Palm Beach Airport in Florida.  Over the years Marriott’s “Vacation Club” (MVC) properties have added an increasing number of amenities. As in Ocean Pointe such things as on premise children’s […]

Review B & B Stella Bordestero Talca Chile

Tucked away in a residential area several blocks west of the Plaza de Armas in downtown Talca B & B Stella Bordestero was a bit hard to find.  It was hidden away behind a huge electric metal gate that I was a bit intimidated about approaching. My poor command of Spanish made it difficult to […]

Review Westin Playa Bonita Panama City Panama

I recently spent three nights at the Westin Playa Bonita. While listed in Panama City, it is located about 20 or more miles from the airport on the western side of the Panama Canal and American Bridge. As such it is a nightmare to reach during the rush hour. Try to arrange your arrival/departure/excursion plans […]