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Some people aspire to a lifestyle that offers nonstop sophistication and grandeur and frankly I’m one of them, but in the meantime while I’m waiting to ascend to the heights of fame and fortune, my tastes must remain in line with my wallet so choice of restaurants tends to be mid-range from a pricing perspective.  There are times however when cost isn’t the decision maker and in fact when it comes to Mexican food and restaurants, I can be positively declassé.  I prefer the inexpensive varieties of tacos, chimichangas, chili con queso  and burritos one finds at inexpensive to modest restaurants over more modern interpretations and places serving “elf food”.

That being said, whenever in town, I do love to spend time in Besito, a longtime Huntington favorite hangout.  Now with seven locations, it all started on Long Island in this smallish, intimate feeling space on the main drag in town. In the warm weather tables are set up outdoors and huge open window/doors extend the outside to the interior. I’ve eaten in the dining room a few times but prefer sitting at the bar talking the bartenders ear off. With less than a dozen seats, timing is everything to ensure the prized perch on weekends and evenings. The bar is stocked with bottle upon bottle of tequilas so you can order a flight or just individual shots, some of which go for as much as $95 each.  They also do a terrific red sangria with freshly cut fruit and other mixed drinks.

Freshness of ingredients is a given at the bar and the restaurant. My hands down favorite food is the made to order guacamole, a most generous portion, served in a molcajete which I take medium spiced with extra cilantro and salt on the side. The fresh guac, tortilla chips and homemade salsa are simply outstanding and are served in abundant enough quantity to make a meal of, which I do. My companion orders the fish tacos, the latest iteration is fried topped with field greens, cabbage and a chipotle crema sauce – the best yet. Add some Queso Fundito and powerful “secret recipe” frozen pomegranate margaritas and we’re in heaven, an no one has to cook for the rest of the day.  If you like your Mexican on the authentic and innovative side using traditional ingredients, this is the place for you – at least to try.  And don’t forget to have the guacamole!

Visited: 1/14/2017
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  • Awesome Guacamole,chips and salsa
  • Ambiance of Bar/Lounge


  • Cold bar seats bt door in Winter
  • Gets very crowded

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